Our Story

Established in 1995, Country Peddler Antiques & General Store is owned and operated by longtime friends, Jeaneen Cobourn and Debbie Denton, people just like you who love finding those fun and interesting vintage and antique items. 

 At Country Peddler, you'll get  a  shopping experience from days gone by.  Pull a cold bottle of soda pop from the vintage Coke machine and grab a piece of your favorite old-timey candy.....  NOW you're back in those simpler times!! 

Our 3 Buildings

The General Store


Full of antiques, nostalgic candies, classic toys, unique lamps, gifts, cards, and the "Hard-to-Find"   

Old Campobello Corn Mill


Poke around our farmhouse antiques & treasures. Play checkers by the pot-bellied stove. 

The Diggin' Barn


The place for pickers, rummagers, folks who up-cycle/recycle and re-purpose fun country stuff AND for  people who like yesterday's tools